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Homework Help: Help needed with a really simple question

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    1.A vacationer gets into his out-board motorboat and leaves a dock on a river bank for a day of fishing. Just as he turns upstream, he hears a splash but pays no attention and continues cruising at normal speed. 25.0 minutes later he realizes that his watertight lunchbox is missing. He then turns downstream, with the motor still set at cruising speed. He sights his lunchbox floating down the river and retrieves it at a point 1.2 km downstream of the dock. How long after turning around does he pick up his lunch?

    2. I have no clue about it since only little info is given. But some people who solved it suggets that the upstream/downstream is there to trick you.

    3. 25 min? thank you!
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    Unless the river has some velocity to it, the time better be the same to travel the same distance given the same boat velocity.
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