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Help needed with Solidworks

  1. Oct 11, 2005 #1
    I am new to SW. Is there a good book that i can use (free documentation preferred).

    Also, more to the point, i have a pipe, but i need to cut off an angled section on one end in order to have an angled end.

    Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
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    I am sure it would be the same in Pro/E as it is in solidworks. You simply need to extrude a cut to eliminate the material you want to get rid of.

    I am sure you have to have a datum plane running down the longitudinal axis of the pipe....right? Use that as your sketch plane. You should be looking at the pipe from the side view so it looks like a rectangle. Now, draw a triangle at one end that will represent the angled section you want to remove. Simply orient the triangle so that the angled surface is in the orientation you want. You can draw the triangle much larger than the pipe if you want. It just can't be smaller. Next, dimension your triangle to give you the angle you want, where you want it in reference to the pipe. Then, simply extrude that cut in both directions over a distance equal to the diameter of the pipe.


    Let me know if you need more help on this.
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    I think i am having issues with the triangle part. I am not getting the sketch to work for the triangle.

    Here is what I am doing. I can draw the triangle, but I know the angle I want to cut at, but how do I get this into the triangle sketch? I guess I am unclear on the dimensioning part.
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    If I got you right about the problem you need to 'associate' the geometry of your extrusion cut with that of the pipe. The 'associate' meaning that you use the other end point of the pipe in your datum plane (at the pipe circumference) as the sharp-tip of the triangle (using it as a reference point, or as a reference vertex when you're sketching the triangle). The other dimensions of the triangle can exceed those of the pipe (and usually the cut operation works better if they do).
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    Again, a Pro/E answer for you that may help...

    So just be sure, you're not having any problems establishing your sketch datum and orientation?

    After we complete the lines for a particular part of a sketch, the Intent Manager automatically assigns the resultant dimensions to those line entities. So in this case, once I drew the three lines of the triangle, three dimensions would automatically appear. At that point, I can double click on them to change them to fit my needs, or add others. If this isn't happening, can you check to see if you have a dimensioning tool? If so, add the dimensions manually and then change them to match your needs. I'll see if anyone around here has Solidworks experience.
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    No issues with the datum or orientation.

    I have the dimensioning tool, but i can't see anywhere to angle this thing. Maybe I am looking at it wrong though.

    Thanks for your help so far!!!
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    I've sent you a private message with my email addy.
  9. Oct 12, 2005 #8

    i just sent you the part. Thanks for looking at that.

    sorry for the slow reply, i had a full day today.
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