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Homework Help: Help Needed

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    from the abstract it looks like the device stimulates the brain then measures the resulting brain waves. do you have more specific questions?
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    yes i wanna know what this device does in specific...
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    Well : "An electroencephalographic apparatus for exploring a person's response to external stimuli, which includes electroencephalographic sensing apparatus for sensing brainwave signals from the person; stimulating apparatus for generating the stimuli; and processing apparatus having at least a first input operative for receiving the brainwave signals, at least a second input for monitoring the stimuli; the processing apparatus including computing apparatus operative for computing a correlation quotient of the brainwave signals and the stimuli"

    It measures how our brain reacts to external stimuli (eg : how does our brain react biochemically if we see certain pictures of loved ones interchaged with pictures of dictators). The apparatus is able to show us which brain regions are most active in such cases. What is actually show is the biochemical reactions in the brain (nerve cell activity etc etc) that occur as a reaction to the external stimuli.

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