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Homework Help: Help needed

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    Help needed!!

    Could someone please answer the folloing questions.
    Plese do give the explanations too

    2- What is the energy of the lowest orbital and why?

    3- If an electron makes a transition from 2nd to the first orbital than in which of the following particles will the wavelength of the photon released will be the smallest.
    a) Hydrogen atom b) Deutrium atom c) Helium ion d) bipositive lithium ion.
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    Here we do not give answers to people as a kind of machine. Please use the template:

    "1. problem"

    "2. info given, equations etc"

    "3. attempt to solution"

    How can we help someone if we dont know what he/she don't understand? By just giving answers, that is not helping and is against the guidelines for this forum.
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