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Homework Help: Help needed

  1. Nov 3, 2007 #1
    hi :smile:
    i am new over here,needed a little help from u people.
    i have an assignment to do in which i have to discuss about any 4 examples linking dna mutation to disease
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  3. Nov 3, 2007 #2
    What have you come up with so far? Maybe you should repost this in the homework help section.
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    Indeed...moved. optera, since this wasn't originally posted in HW Help, please take a look at the guidelines regarding posting homework, specifically the requirement to show your own efforts first. We can come back to help when you've given us a little more of your own thoughts/ideas on the topic.
  5. Nov 4, 2007 #4
    thanks moonbear.
    i indeed didn't know about the guidelines.... i'll take of it frm the next time.
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    sickle cell anemia,maniac depression,hypertension and diabetes are the examples that i have read in the reference text books and every1 in the class would be writting about these diseases only.i want to learn some new disease,that most have not heard of.

    i have also read about werners disease which makes the patient to grow old in young age.

    is it that, all the genetic disorder are due to mutation
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    Basically, yes, if someone says something is a genetic disorder, it is a mutation leading to disease. So you could choose any genetic disorder.

    If you do write about diabetes, remember that type II diabetes is not genetic, but induced with diet.

    Some other prominent ones that you might want to research (since they'd be easy to find information on) would be dwarfism (there are several types, so you can look those up and see if one is more interesting, or if you want to talk about the variety of types), and Down syndrome.

    Do you just need suggestions on disorders to research, or do you have some other question about the ones you're looking up?
  8. Nov 5, 2007 #7
    I have to give a basic idea about the disease not much in depth as the question is for 20 marks and we have been asked to write 4 examples, so that means each example carries 5 marks.

    thanks 4 the help :)
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