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Help Needed

  1. Mar 10, 2005 #1
    Help Needed.

    >From : Divya Singh (Siemens)

    Dear Friends please help, if possible.
    This is important to me. So I am asking you to please forward it.
    Please send this to all your contacts.
    If anyone you know who has survived
    NON SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER, please inform me at the address given below.
    My husband has it and I would like to know what treatment was used. Please
    forward this to everyone on your contact list.
    >From the bottom of my heart I thank you. Thank you,

    Inform here:
    Divya Singh,
    SIEMENS, Siemens Information System Limited,
    #84, Keonics Electronics City,
    Hosur Road,
    Bangalore - 561 229.

    Please keep forwarding this, even if u r unable to help. Somebody else
    might be able to. GOD BLESS U

    Soumya Rudraprakash
    Wintech Consultant,
    AOL Member Services Ltd,

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