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Help - new to differential equations

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    I am studying Calculus and therefore also differential equations.

    You see... I am a total noob. I have read several texts on the web, but I don't understand them. Can some of you please teach me the basics of it?
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    You're gonna have to be more specific.
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    I need to learn basic calculus.

    Just teach me the basics of calculus.
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    Sure, but it'll cost you $50/hour. ;)
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    What do you want to know about calculus? Surely you don't expect someone to write an enormous post that may not even address what you want to know!
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    50 bucks?! :bugeye:

    I teach high school students math as a side job.
    I`m only asking 10 euro for an hour.
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    I teach math to others for free :rofl:

    Anyway, If you want to learn about Differential Equations, I suggest you go to the Differential Equations Section of the Mathematics section. They have an Introduction to Differential Equations post there, and it's very helpful.

    But if you need help in the start of Calculus, I suggest you use search engines and look for Calculus tutorials - I don't know of any good sites out there except MathWorld. I'm also sure that the rest of the members of PF know a good link or two. ;)

    Hope that helps.
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