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    :confused: Hello, i am new to quantum physics, i guess if someone could give me some advice about it, like websites, books or other types of information about quantum physics, as well as the basic physics and maths required to understand it...
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    In Search of Schrodinger's Cat by John Gribbin
    This one is not mainly on quantum theory but nevertheless, its awesome, The Emperor's New Mind by Roger Penrose

    For the internet http://en.wikipedia.org" [Broken]
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    Before you start to learn quantum physics seriously, you need to know some classical physics, of course! :smile: At least you should know something about energy (both kinetic and potential), momentum, and waves.

    To get started with Schrödinger's Equation and its simplest applications (one-dimensional situations), you need to know some differential and integral calculus, the basic concepts of differential equations, and some things about complex numbers. For further applications (three-dimensional situations including the hydrogen atom), you need to know multivariable calculus (partial derivatives, etc.).
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    Nothing quite like a firm grounding in a physicist's Linear Algebra (linear spaces, linear operators etc) nor Fourier Analysis either.
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    Has anyone got any opinions of the big paperback https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0...03-7099250-3974269?s=books&v=glance&n=283155" by the International University of Lex? I have looked at it several times in bookstores, and thought that although it was not for me, it might be a good introduction to the "real thing" for a math adept beginner.

    But I'm not the one to tell it. I would really like to hear from a trained physicist whether it would help or hinder a seeker.

    The same group has another matching volume called "Who was Fourier?". Similar questions arise there.

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    I made an attempt a while back to construct a QM web site. Its at


    Its in the process of being built (which I'm taking time offf of right now) and is graduate level. Perhaps some of it may help you. Ask any questions that I can help with if something comes to mind. Reilly Atkinson is a poster here and his knowledge of QM is excellant. I recommend that you seek him out for help too.

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    Thank you all for the help and advices... Im not graduating or anything like it, i am in (i don't live in USA, nor in an English country), i think high school (don't know). We used to have Schrodinger Equation and some quantum in our Physics in the last year(12, im in year 11), but for what i heard, it was taken out of the program:yuck: :cry: (only newton's physic now, a little of electricity and thermodynamics, and the only thing studied at school was quantum orbitals and numbers for atoms in Chemistry 1s2,2s2, etc, you know it... BTW, our Physics are attached to chemistry, Physics and Chemistry A). Since i allways interested in physics, even (and specially the most advanced, even if i don't know too much), i wanted to fill this gap, even if i have to search for myself. So, one more time i thank you all for the support.
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