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Help (non-traditional class)

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    I'm in my first programming class (in a university and in general), and it's kicking my butt. The homework is brutal. It consumes around ten hours a week just to complete (usually only three or four programs). But that's not the problem, because I'm averaging around an 85-90 in that (haven't really checked lately).

    The problem is the quiz every Monday, in-class. I continue to fail miserably, over and over. The quizzes are pen-and-paper, and invariably require a quickly written program. Between stupid mistakes like forgetting to write in code rather than mathematics, and between not-so-stupid mistakes like being completely unable to figure it out in twenty minutes, I've been averaging around 60-65. This wouldn't be quite as bad if one's final grade weren't possibly dependent on the quiz average if one's quiz average is significantly lower than the homework average (ten percent or more, it says).

    I honestly have no idea what to do to avoid failing this class. Other people don't get that low of a score on the quizzes. The professor doesn't really use the book, and openly mocks it at times. I don't think I'm a poor programmer; I can perform the homework, albeit slowly. I just seem to be having trouble being tested on the spot on my coding skills without having MATLAB at my fingertips. What advice does PF have?
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    Are you LEARNING? Can you do things that you could not do or did not know how to do before? If yes, then you want to complete the course, not necessarily this term, but maybe in the next term. If you are sure that you are failing regarding your grade and if this is before your drop-deadline, then withdraw but keep attending the class and studying (if the instructor or professor will allow you to). As soon as the semester or term is finished, begin studying this course again, on your own, before registering and attending the next semester.
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