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Hey.. i am having problems solving the following question...

2) A 40-kg kangaroo exerts a constant force on the ground in the firs 60 cm of her jump, and rises 2.0 m higher. When she carries a baby kangaroo in her pouch, she cna rise only 1.8 m higher, What is the mass of the baby kangaroo?

I am not interested in the answer so much.. but in the logic of the problems.. i just cant do a free body diagram for them..
plz help
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Well, for (1), which forces are acting on the crate? Further on, what does the constant velocity tell you about the forces acting on the body?
ok 1.. i could solve.. i used the equation of force applied+weight=force of friction, and i found force applied and the direction.
But im still having trouble wiht 2)
Well ive been trying to do something like 2y/g=t^2, then V=y/t and then A=v/t, but i guess that is not working, i think ive been seeing it from the wrong angle, but any way i try i cant get the answer :(

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