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Homework Help: Help on a problem, TIME SENSITIVE

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    Help on a problem, TIME SENSITIVE!!!!!

    A 62.0 g ice cube can slide without friction up and down a 27.0^\circ slope. The ice cube is pressed against a spring at the bottom of the slope, compressing the spring 11.0 cm. The spring constant is 27.0 N/m.

    When the ice cube is released, what distance will it travel up the slope before reversing direction?

    I tried this:

    I found the v_f that the spring gives the cube. I used that as v_i for the part of motion not acted on by the spring. for accel. I used a = -g*sin(theta). I used v_f = 0. Solved for x. I got 118 cm. That is wrong.

    Does anyone have a method that will give me the right answer? Or any advice?
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    never mind, i figured it out.

    bastards at mastering physics.
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    That site was hell. :(
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