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Help on Chem problem!

  1. Mar 29, 2005 #1
    This is the equation I am supposed to write and balance:
    The formation of solid iron (III) chloride
    from its elements.

    I tried to write it like this- 3Fe + 2Cl = 2FeCl3
    But my teacher then asked: How does chlorine exist as an element?What I mean is if I have a container full of chlorine at room temperature the chlorine exists as Cl2 molecules . Other nonmetals also exist like this such as O2 and N2.
    I'm not sure what this means and how to solve the equation. Can someone help please?
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    It means the equation should be written and balanced using the Cl2 molecule like it exists under standard conditions, that is, with Cl2:
    2Fe + 3Cl2 ⇒ 2FeCl3

    Similarly, the formation of water would be written:
    2H2 + O2 ⇒ 2H2O

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    Incidentally,pay attention to wording:chlorine exists as an element,but under normal pressure & temp.conditions it is only made up of diatomic molecules...

  5. Apr 3, 2005 #4
    The same can be said of hydrogen and most of the other elements in groups 6 and 7 because of those elements' tendency to bond with something to gain a total of eight electrons in their outer electron shell.
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    Halogens,nitrogen,oxygen & hydrogen form diatomic molecules.Sulphur & phosphorus are a bit weird.

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