Help on conjugate gradient programm in matlab

  1. hi 1.i have a problem to find the princip to programm in matlab the method of conjugate graduate, in fact ,my broblem is:
    1.i wanna study caracterisque of charge RC WHICH function is :y=a*(1-exp(b*t)) ,a is supposed to be tension maximal and b =1/RC the problem is that i have to find the parametre a and b as we have the equation y=5*(1-exp(-2*t)) + randn(length (t),1); t=1:20 ( 5 et -2 calculate theoriqement)
    2. THE traitement has to be by conjugate gradient method.
    in summary i have to estimate parametre a and b.

    i calculate before a and b by méthode Gauss newton that's seem great , the broblem in conjugate gradient that i have not a matrix symetrique define positive
    thanks for yr help
    and sorry for my bad english
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