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Help on design of Lure Coursing machine

  1. Aug 21, 2011 #1
    Lure coursing is where an electric motor pulls a string around a bunch of pulleys laid out in a field and dogs chase after the lure ties to the line. Most of the machines are home built with a 12 v car starter motor and solenoid and powered by car batteries. Yhis design has not seemed to change since the 70's.
    I am looking for suggestions on motors and gearing to perhaps get some cheaper components together. The main thing is the motor runs for up to 10 mins at a time and numerous runs per day. The speed of the lure should be able to go up to 40 mph to keep ahead of the faster hounds. 12v car batteries or similar would be the power source as there usually isn't 120v available.
    Any thoughts?
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