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Help on Infrared Technology!

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    I am a third year product design student at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff and am currently working on my research project.

    I was hoping that the some of you would be able to provide me with as much information as you could on Infrared Technology, such as its uses, how it works, its potential and any other details about the technology that you could offer.

    Cheers for any help anyone can give me!

    Tina Lau
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    How technical do you need to get? This site provides schematics for both recievers and transmitters, aswell as how to control the IR signal from a serial port on a computer running linux:


    Why don't you do a google search for IR?
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    Cheers dduardo for the link!

    Got quite a few links n articles on Infrared, a lot of it [retty much too technical for me! A few links i need to pay for which is a bit of a bummer an all! The main things I need is:

    -What is infrared, how does it function and what're its capabilities
    -How it communicates data
    -What r the British/Safety Standards that need to b considered
    -Advantages n Disadvantages to IR compared to wires n bluetooth.

    Any form of help will be appreciated guys!

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