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Help on Infrared transmitter Circuit

  1. Jan 18, 2008 #1
    Hi all,

    i need some help on this circuit that im building. i want to get the maximum current for my infrared emitting diode (Kingbright L-53F3C)

    the peak forward current permitted is 1.2A (condition: 1/10 DutyCycle, and 0,1ms pulse width. but i dont understand how to apply this..

    (the idea is more current equals more distance...)

    i have attached my IR transmitter block diagram...

    i am also using a N-MOSFET BS170 and the maximum current allowed is 500mA continuous and 1200mA pulsed (not really sure what that means either).


    so basically i would help on how do obtain the value of the Resistor R for my signal do be sent more efficiently for my specified frequency (90kHz) and dutycycle (5%) (without burning the IR LED).

    any help is much appreciated thanks

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    Wouldn't you find the resistance that gives 1.2A current continious, then make sure that your pulses are 10 mircosec or less with a 10% maximum duty cycle?
  4. Jan 19, 2008 #3
    i have calculated the mean current for the IR LED for my signal

    frequency = 90kHz
    Period = 11.11us
    Ton = 0.55us
    Toff = 10.056us
    Dutycycle = 5%

    Ipk = 1.2A (peak current)

    Im= Ipk * 0.05 <=> Im = 60mA (mean current)

    now i must calculate the R to limit the current on the diode

    R = (Vcc - V_led - Vmosfet ) / Im <=> R = (5-1.2-2.1) / 60mA = 28.3 Ohm

    R gives me 28.3 Ohm, but im not very sure about this result i might be missing something...

    then there is the power dissipation which is 100mW

    if someone could help me out with these calculations, i have a book on this but its no very helpfull.

    dlgoff : do mean like this -> R = (Vcc - V_led - Vmosfet ) / Ipk , then i just pulse the signal normally?
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    "dlgoff : do mean like this -> R = (Vcc - V_led - Vmosfet ) / Ipk , then i just pulse the signal normally?"

    Well that's how I would do it, but I'm no expert here.
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