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Help on laser melting of materials

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    Dear all,

    I have some problems with a program called the simulation of laser interaction with materials. In this program, they asked for some parameters which I am unsure of but I believe it has something to do with mesh size for simulating the thermal conduction. This is a 1D heat conduction simulation of laser heating on a semiconductor (a.k.a laser annealing).

    These are the parameters that have asked for:
    DELTA X (A) 200
    DELTA X1 (A) 600
    DELTA X2 (A) 1600
    DELTA X3 (A) 4800
    KX 70
    KY 80
    KZ 90
    TOP LAYER NODE (L6) 10

    Can anyone help me with what delta x, delta x1, delta x2, delta x3, kx, ky and kz are for? I am an electrical engineer and knows nothing about all these and there's no help file provided. Thank you.
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    K typically denotes thermal conductivity (units of W m-1 K-1 in SI). This value has been found to be anisotropic (different in directions Kx, Ky, Kz) for single crystal silicon.
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    However, there is another screen asking for the thermal conductivity of Si and I have entered in it. So I'm not sure what is kx, ky and kz.

    As for the deltax, x1, x2, x3.... does anyone have any clue?

    A demo of the program can be downloaded from the link below:
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