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Help on Physics Project

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    ¿¿¿Help on Physics Project¿¿¿

    I'm in grade 12 physics, and was given an assignment of dropping an egg from 1.5 meters and have it bounce back up using compression springs. we are being marked based on the number of bounces and not braking the egg. now i am allowed to use as many springs as I like but the more springs I use the less amount of bounces I will get. I'm also aloud to use any materials I wish to support the egg. My question is; is it possible to bounce the egg on one spring??¿¿¿
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    There is a particular direction (axis) of the egg that can withstand a
    a very strong force compared with the other directions. Do you know which direction that is?

    Can you attach the spring directly to your egg?
    Can the spring be whatever diameter, weight & spring constant you choose?
    (if you keep the center of mass well distributed below the egg, it can bounce without falling or flipping over and cracking the egg)
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