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Help on posting equations.

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    Where can i find help on posting messages whit equations? I dont want a LaTeX tutorial, just help me posting equations on this forums. Thanks.
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    I wouldn´t know of any other method than using ASCII or TeX.
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    what you are asking is nearly impossible. Since the forums use LaTex for equations you will have to have some kind of tutorial in LaTex. See this thread for the quick tutorial. You can also click on a thread to get a pop up window with the text entered to create that equation.
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    basically the easiest thing you need to know is just add [ tex] (without space) at the start and end the statement with a [/ tex] without the space.

    For the specifics for a particular equation just look at someone elses work

    here are some basic though

    the \ tell whatever is after it to be trasnlated into a something for example
    [tex] \pi [/tex]

    it is also how you do fractions

    [tex] \frac{4x}{2x}=2 [/tex]

    the final thing is the { } which are used for grouping so

    [tex] 5^{3x} [/tex]
    instead of
    [tex] 5^3x [/tex]
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