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Help on problem with LCD tv.

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    I have a Samsung 55" LCD TV that is over the warranty. The model is LN55C630K1F and version is SQ01.

    The screen start flashing like the screen get darker and flash quite bright at like 4Hz intermittently. At first I can change channel or change screen display and it will stop. But is slowly getting worst.

    I had gone online and look for the service manual with no luck. I need to find the schematic so I can get into it. Anyone has ideas where can I find the schematic or have any opinion on what's the problem. I don't exactly want to open it blindly and probe and I am too cheap to call for service yet because being in field service before, the hardest problem to find is intermittent, I still cannot control how to get it flash at will.


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    Most TVs have an automatic brightness control so the TV's brightness depends on the room brightness.
    This might fail in a way that results in strange pulsing of the screen brightness if an electolytic capacitor was to go open circuit, for example.

    If this seems a likely source of the problem, you might be able to disable this feature in a menu and see if that makes any difference.

    Just guessing, of course.
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    Thanks, I'll look for the auto brightness.
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    Thanks, I did not see this post until now. I'll check into this.
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    Is it something like this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5jH5Mb9zU0&feature=related

    My compaq laptop has horrible intermittent screen flicker problems. It's supposed to be a loose connector.

    Maybe it's just the back light or the back light power supply. Just a wild guess.
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    jim hardy

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    here's a link to a forum for people struggling with same troubles..

    really not very technical , but maybe you'll find somebody who's had success with your model tv there.


    I was able to download a manual for Daughter's TV from Vizio but it didnt go into the boards or how they communicate, just wiring diagrams. Maybe Samsung will be more user friendly.

    About halfway down this link is interesting post, two folks report fixingg theirs..

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    It is not exactly like the video. Mine flash much faster but the picture does not darken all the way down, it just go brighter and dimmer. I am going to try unplug the tv and see what happen.
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