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Help on series RLC circuit

  1. Dec 25, 2008 #1
    i m trying to design RLC series circuit on Pspice and parctically showing Under , Over and , Critical response
    i have capacitor of 1uF an inductor of 150uH and resistor ( can choose any) but for these responses 10,40,20 ohms respectivly but the graph is not coming as it should be like it is decreasing from 0 in underdamp plz help me in Pspice or give me some help that i can do........
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    To show those behaviours, do you look at steady-state or transient response? If transient, how do you set up some initial conditions?

    Please show us some of your PSPICE circuits and plots so that we can help you more. Also tell us what you expect, and what doesn't look right to you yet.
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