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Help on Static Friction - Physics 11

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    First time posting here. . .
    Okay, usually I'm pretty good figuring these type of questions out, but the textbook just doesn't help(no e.g.'s or explanations) and the teacher didn't talk at all about static friction, so, if anyone could give me a hand, I'd be very grateful.
    A sled of mass 50 kg is pulled along snow-covered, flat ground. The static friction coefficient is 0.30 and the sliding friction coefficient is 0.10
    b)What force will be needed to start the sled moving?

    (Calculated weight is 490N)
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    I'm not looking for instant answers, I really need this explained. I absolutely hate having only partial knowledge of a concept...it always messes you up in the end.
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    Okay...I THINK I have it. For some reason my brain is not grasping this concept as readily as it should. Perhaps I just need to pound it in a little more. :) Thanks for your help!
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