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Help on the bonding of LiAlH4

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    hi guys, i need help on the bonding of LiAlH4. can it considered an ionic bonding because Li is Li+ and AlH4 is AlH4-. seems like a perfect ionic bonding situation to me. or is the bonding simply convalent, permanent-dipole permament-dipole attraction to be exact.
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    The tetrahedrons are inside them selfs covalently bonded and the Li+ will polarazie these entites a litle decreasing the ionic bonding a little. To calculate use VASP package and study the DOS-curve.
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    alright thnx , i guess i'll sort out a way to figure it out!
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    there is an ionic bonding when you consider Li+ and AlH4-
    but, AlH4- is itself a covalent anion. there are 3 Al-H covalent bonds in this molecule.... but AlH3 still has a vacant sub-orbital.... coordinate covalent bond occurs.... an H- bonds with the AlH3 forming AlH4-
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