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Help on this integral

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    how can i integrate this expression


    in books i found just the answer,but i need the solution step by step

    can you help me?
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    Now, let x=ru, where u is your new variable.

    Try and simplify after this substitution of variables what you get as your integrand!
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    after simplifying i got this


    but still i can not see the solution
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    If you don't recognize that integral, another useful substitution might be: x = r * sinh(u). Or, if you're unfamiliar with the hyperbolic functions, try the trigonometric substitution: x = r * tan(u).
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    hyperbolic functions are a little complicated for me so i will try x=r*tan(u)
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    That's the more difficult substitution, but alright!
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    i tried x=r.tan(u) substitution and i got what i want.
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