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Homework Help: Help on velocity/position Problem

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    The following code was used to generate this LaTeX image:
    A particle moves according to the position function.

    [tex]s(t) = \frac{1}{3}t^3 - t^2-4t[/tex]

    Find the position of the particle at t=1 and t=6.

    To do this, Do i take s'(t) and then plug in the values for t?
    then another part is to find the velocity of the particle at t...for that would i use the velocity function, finding the limit of t? I hope someone can help, thanks a lot!
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    This is extremely simple: You are given the position, you only need to plug in the values for t!

    The velocity is the derivative of position with respect time. Determine s' and plug in t.

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    wow...thanks a lot man
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