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HELP physics equations

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    well i need couple equations described to me. first the distance formula, and velocity. can you guys show me the steps and describe it for me THANKS :smile:
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    There is no single distance formula and no single velocity formula. They depend on the particular physical situation which you have neglected to share with us.
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    sorry A bike first accelerates from 0.0m's to 5.5m/s in 4,5s, then continures at this constant speed for another 3.0s what is the total distance traveled by the bike?
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    Doesn't your textbook show them and weren't they covered in class??

    Starting from rest the distance traversed with constant acceleration is [itex]a t^2 /2[/itex] and the speed acquired is [itex]at[/itex]. I'll let you think about the second part! :-)
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