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Help! Physics or M-Physics?

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm just after starting an Omnibus Science degree in UCD, Dublin, and I have to choose my first year subjects. I'm definitely doing Maths, but then the problems arise. My other options for first year are Computer Science, Biology, Maths Physics, Physics and Astrophysics. I'd like to do Computer Science out of interest and Biology as a contrast to my other options. In terms of Physics, my interests lie primarily with particle physics (from second level), which presumably takes in topics such as quantum mechanics at 3rd level (I wouldn't really know, only being in first year). Maths is my favourite subject, and the subject I plan to do my degree in eventually, but this could change! I've always been fascinated with the universe and how it works, and I've been following the news on the LHC in CERN, yet I didn't really think much of the majority of the Physics course in secondary school, particularly all those experiments. Am I making any sense? If I do Maths Physics, but don't take Physics, can I keep all these particle physics options open to me?
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    Are you talking about graduate school? If you're interested in a graduate program in particle physics, I would imagine you'll spend a decent amount of time doing lab work. If you're interested in the pure theoretical mathematics of particle physics (and perhaps cosmology with your stated interest in the universe), you could plan on a graduate program in theoretical physics with an eventual focus on particle physics.

    Prof. Shankar from Yale has made jokes that you're not even allowed to get your PhD in theoretical physics until you've theorized the existence of a new elementary particle. lol
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