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Help -Pivoting Rod about center- Please Help Me

  1. Aug 3, 2006 #1
    Help!! ---Pivoting Rod about center---- Please Help Me!!

    A uniform rod is pivoted at its center and a small weight of mass M = 4.61 kg is rigidly attached to one end. The rod has length L = 6.4 m and mass mrod = 12.1 kg. The system is released from rest at the theta = 37° angle (relative to the horizontal through the pivot point).

    I NEED TO FIND The angular acceleration just after it is released and the angular velocity when the rod is vertical?

    I have been working on this for the last 3 hours and I cannot get the correct answer... I would greatly appreciate a step by step explanation!!

    Thanks in advance!!
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    1] post in homework section
    2] show your work
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    Have you considered the total rotational inertia of the rod & mass?
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