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Help Please (Career Ideas/Suggestions)

  1. Dec 10, 2008 #1
    Hi all. Been lurking for a while now, and I've found this could be quite a helpful place to visit. Anyway, I'm currently a Senior in High School, and I've come to a crossroads/dilemma of sorts. I wish to attend college, however I do not know what to study. I am interested in a TON of almost completely unrelated fields (journalism, horticulture, economics, and philosophy being a few :rolleyes:), however, I have found that I seem to be drawn towards physics/engineering the most. If anyone would help me with suggestions as to what I should study, it would be greatly appreciated!

    -I am very interested in radios/wireless type stuff. I did a project on Nikola Tesla, and read about his experiments with wireless power transmission. That interests me a whole lot.

    -Also interested in Optics/fiber stuff. I asked my physics teacher for some advice, he suggested optics since information transmission "over copper is becoming outdated fast". Don't know about that, but intriguing nonetheless.

    -Electrical Engineering in general seems to interest me. Mechanical to a lesser degree; It seems that a lot of the mechanical engineers I've met worked with HVAC systems. No hate, that just isn't my cup of tea.

    -Civil Engineering/Architecture also interests me. Forgive me, as this is probably more political, but I see society re-organizing on a closer, more compact scale in the future. With sprawling suburbia, I think people will be needed to help in such a transition.

    -Not interested in Aeronautics stuff. Again, no hate, it just doesn't seem to attract me that much. :cool:

    -I'd really like to be in a R&D type position.

    If you can't tell from my post, I'm not very organized or very experienced in this. I seem to be drawn to the more hi-tech electrical thingys. :rolleyes: I intend to explore further in college, but I'd like a few pointers before I get that far. Thanks! :smile:
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    I think the best option is to start out in a general science or engineering program that doesn't force you to declare a major until your second year. That way you will be able to explore your interests at a university level without making a full committment at the beginning. Peoples' interests often change once they get out of high school too.

    Other options for further exploration would be to get involved with university engineering clubs: ie. robotics competitions, solar car team etc. This kind of experience really gives you insight into a field, connects you with seniour students and professors and looks great on job or grad school applications.
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