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Help Please - Laptop Problems.

  1. Aug 22, 2006 #1
    My laptop is having serious issues. Audio is skipping (more depending on what I am running) and it is taking longer to load things and to start up (an excessive time to start up).

    I had this problem before and did I system restart, and that fixed it. A day or so later the problem returned, and I did a system restart. The problem still exists. My friend who knows more about computers had no idea how to fix it, but he assured me that it is unlikely to be a hardware problem (especially since it was fixed and came back)

    I run Xp and a wireless connection. It is a new computer (a month old or less) from ibuypower.com and I cannot think of anything I did to cause the problem. 2.2 Mhz processor and 2 gigs ram.

    Seriously annoyed.
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    That is my email and msn address. 114842763 is my ICQ. Looking for someone with knowledge of Hijack this if possible.

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