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Homework Help: Help please with dynamics 2: MOTION IN A PLANE

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    [SOLVED] Help please with dynamics 2: MOTION IN A PLANE

    A rocket-powered hockey puck has a thrust of 3.0 N and a total mass of 1.0 kg. It is released from rest on a frictionless table, 4.0 m from the edge of a 2.0 m drop. The front of the rocket is pointed directly toward the edge. How far does the puck land from the base of the table?
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    You have not shown any attempt on your part. Start by finding the time it takes for the puck to hit the ground once it leaves the table.
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    I already found acceleration for x and y axis, delta T, and delta y but I can't find the velocity on the x-axis once the puck flies off the table. I need the velocity in order to find delta x.
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    I found it

    thanks :->
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