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Help plx

  1. Oct 25, 2008 #1
    help plx!!

    hello..please help me..ihave a question related to physics..

    here it is :
    solve the equation vf = vi + at for acceleration. What is the equation you get?

    plx help me..
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    Re: help plx!!

    Whatever you do to one side of the equation you do to the other.

    vf = vi + at

    subtract vi from both sides to get vf - vi = at

    Divide both sides by t

    on a side note, vf - vi is the final minus the initial which gives you the change in velocity.

    As you can see acceleration is basically the change in velocity over the change in time.
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    Re: help plx!!

    ahh ... thank you so much bassplayer142 ... another question , give some examples of falling object for which air resistance cannot be ignored and can be ignored ...

    please reply ... asap
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    Re: help plx!!

    In the real world there is no such thing as no air resistance unless the experiment is conducted in a huge vacuum. But in class and some practice, we just neglect air resistance as it would consist of many unknowns and some very advanced math. You would need to know the flow of air in every spot at any given time.
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