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Help Plz Dielectric Properties

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    Help Plz.... Dielectric Properties

    Hii.. I am a new member of this forum. I wish to know about dielectric properties of materials. Do they change with the variation of frequency of RF wave, if the materials are exposed to RF waves?

    Please assist.

    Thanks in anticipation,

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    Welcome to PF,
    When any material is placed in a electric field the electrons and the nuclii of the atom of the material arrange themself in such a way that they create their own electric field which is opposite in the direction of the applied electric field and it results in reduced electric field in that region.
    This property of the material is called as the dielectric property and the strenght of the material to produce electric field is refferd as the dielectric strenght, it is a relative term.
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    In general, the dielectric constant of a material is a function of frequency. The material isn't changing because of applied RF energy, the RF frequency is applied to measure dielectric constant.

    The results of the measurement depend on the frequency at which it is measured.
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