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Help Plz

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    Hey i'm having a hard time with the following question.

    This problem appears deceptively simple, but the challenge is to obtain three independent equations in x,y,z that can be solved to determine the areas of the regions.

    A square has sides 6 cm long. Four quarter circles are inscribed in the square. Determine the areas of the three different kinds of regions that are formed.

    http://www.cado.netfirms.com/ [Broken]

    I am only missing the 3rd equations.

    The two that I found are:
    -> 4x+4y+z = 36
    -> 2x+3y+z = 9pi

    After many hours of trial and error i can find the third equation.
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    Can you solve it in other methods? For example, using integration to find the x + 2y + z?
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    How would you do that? Everything i did canceled out.
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