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Help: Polymer NanoComposites

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    Dear Members

    Greetings. I joined this forum today. I have done my BE(Electrcial) followed by MS(Telecommunications) and a 9 months Course on Systems Enginering from UK. Presently i am in South Korea on a Scholarship for my PhD in Nanoscience and Tech (Here is the problem).

    I have no background what so ever in Materails, specilay in polymers where as my Prof has a PhD in Polymer Synthesis.

    Now my Question may seem stupid but i have to get everything from basics. I am looking for any kind of Material to help me learn the basics of polymers, nanocomposites. What i hope to do is to get my hands on some really good material which can get me started in the feild of Polymer/Nano Composites.

    Any help and ideas. I ll be thankfull

    Ess ESS
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    U can read papers like
    1. Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Nanocomposites: The NextGeneration Material for

    2. Book : POlymer Nanocomposite-Edited by - Yiu WIng Mai & Zhong-Zhen-Yu
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    BOOK :

    Progress in polymer nanocomposite research.

    Ed. by Sabu Thomas and Gennady E. Zaikov.

    Nova Science Publishers

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    I was in a workshop by Ray Pearson, which is a really experienced person in polymer nanocomposites, and he recommended us this book:

    'Introduction to nanocomposite materials: properties, processing and characterization'

    by Thomas E. Twardowski, DESTech Publications, Inc. 2007 ISBN 978-1-932078-54-1

    Hope it help you!
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