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Help:projectile Motion

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    **help:projectile Motion***

    im giving a problem where i have to find the angle a projectile situated at the top of a will hit an boat wit constant velocity 20 ft/s 5 sec after starting at Vo = 96.6 ft/s and also how high the hill is above the water. The distance from the base of the hill to the boat is given to be 301 ft. Do i need to find the (Vo)x and (Vo)y with tan (-1) in order to get the angle and can i just assume the triangle to be a 3-4-5 triangle???
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    This is a homework problem and should be posted in the Homework section - Introductory Physics - would be appropriate.

    One basically has to find the parabolic trajectory of the projectile and where it intersects the boat after the projectile and the boat both travel some distance during 5 seconds.

    It would appear that the boat starts 301 feet from the point even with the projectile. The horizontal velocity of the projectile must be such that it travels the initial distance from the boat + boat distance traveled by boat in 5 seconds.

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