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Homework Help: Help proving i = j = k = 1

  1. Sep 13, 2013 #1
    I have been stuck on this problem for a while, I was looking at questions in a textbook, and could not figure this question out

    "Peter came out with a new energy equation
    E = (C)(M^i)(a^j)(d^k)
    M is mass, a is acceleration, d is distance, and C is a dimensionless constant,
    prove that i = j = k = 1"

    How would you even start with this?

    Regards, Panphobia
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    Hint: dimensional analysis
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    I know that dimensional analysis is being able to state Mass, Length, and Time in terms of each other. But I do not know how that helps me prove that i = j = k = 1.
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    Write the dimension of energy, by means of the dimensions of mass, length and time!
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    Thank you everyone that helped me and gave me hints, I figured it out!
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