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Homework Help: Help quantum mechanics spin

  1. Mar 9, 2007 #1
    The spin of an electron is described by a vector
    spinor and the spin operator
    ^S = ^ Sxi + ^ Syj + ^ Szk with components

    how would i go about normalizing a state like the one below,i am miles away to what is going on here

    c) (i) Normalise the state (1 1) *this is meant to be a column vector*

    ii) calculate expectation values for <Sx> ,<Sy> and <Sz>

    Sx = h/2(0 1) Sy = h/2(0 -i ) Sz = h/2(1 0)
    (1 0) ( i 0 ) (0 -1)

    any help on this would be greatly appreciated.because being honest i am lost
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    Meir Achuz

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    You need a better text or some tutoring.
    You need more help than you can get here.
    Normalize means just make u^{dagger}u=1.
    Exp. value=u^{dagger}[s_x[u, using matrlix multiplication,
    with [s_x] a 2X2 matrix.
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