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HELP:Question about sperm and egg

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    HELP:Questions about sperm and egg

    I have some questions I couldn't find the answer to, please help, thanks.

    1) What is the importance of the size differences between sperm and an egg?

    2) Why is the sperm development complete while still attached to the cytosol?

    3) What are the differences between the Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis?
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    You have to look at what is in the egg cytoplasm and the sperm cytoplasm and how each cell "act" during fertilization.

    Compare both genesis and find the differences. A biology book should described each process and in general. The major difference are quite obvious.

    This website might also help
    http://distance.stcc.edu/AandP/AP/AP2pages/reprod/oogenesi.htm [Broken]
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    Think about what happens to each during/after fertilization. This should help you find the answer.

    :confused: I'm not sure what you mean by this question. Cytosol is a somewhat older term for cytoplasm, which refers to the contents of a cell, not something the sperm would be attached to. Are you sure cytosol is the word you mean here?

    As Iansmith already suggested, line up the two processes and look for where they differ.
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