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Homework Help: HELP! relationship between rate of flow of water and height of water column

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    Purpose : to determine experimentally the relationship between the rate of flow of water through a narrow opening and the height of the water column.

    any ideas in how i could do this experiment and what kind of data to use etc. and how this can conclude to a design in an hydro electric dam.

    experiment is used with a 50 mL burette (tube with narrow opening) , stop watch, ruler, and beakers.

    thanks :D
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    Andrew Mason

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    Ask yourself the following questions:

    1. what do I need to produce a column of water? Will it be big enough to give me a measureable volume of water flowing out the opening without changing the height significantly?

    2. how do I measure the volume of water that escapes?

    3. How do I measure the time it takes to escape so I can determine the volume/unit time?

    4. How do I measure the area of the opening? How do I calculate the flow rate from that data and the area of the opening?

    If you think about all these things carefully, you will be on the road to a successful experiment.

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