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Homework Help: Help Required ly in this light problem

  1. Mar 6, 2005 #1
    Help Required urgently in this light problem

    Hi !

    can any body help me in solving this problem!

    The electric field at Poin P due to N slits is,

    A(r,[tex]\theta[/tex],t) =A(r) [tex]\frac{\sin\frac{1}{2}\N\Delta\phi\cos(kr-\omega\ t)}{\sin\frac{1}{2}\Delta\phi}[/tex]

    where [tex]\Delta\phi[/tex] =kd[tex]\sin\theta[/tex],

    "d" being the spacing between adjacent slits.Let N=4.

    a) Find two anglws on either side of [tex]\theta[/tex]=0 at which there is an interference minima.
    b)Find the spacing between the minima compare tp the case pf only two slits of separation "d".

    I have solved its "a" part but i just couldnt solve its "b" part. Plz help mw in solving this:

    Thanks a lot!
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