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Help Required regarding COMSOL

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    I am Pretty New to COMSOL & using it for my thesis work. I have started reading COMSOL multiphysics user's guide & able to draw geometry's. But i am unable to analyze a model like using Boundary setting etc.. I am very confused with the Options>sub domain/boundary expressions & physics>sub domain/boundary settings.. Can any tell me what these both mean & what is the best way to start learning comsol.

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    Hi Phanindra,

    the boundary and subdomain settings specify the various coefficients and properties of the PDE(s) you're solving in the respective domain (~geometric element ....... boundary, plane, volume etc.). You can get access to both the properties and the underlying "physics" (implementation and relevant equations of the PDE) which can make it a bit complex at 1st sight.

    Since Comsol is perhaps not quite as straightforward as many other software used to solve PDEs, I think the best way to get acquainted with it is to do a couple of tutorials and browse the model library (and do some of those models yourself) ..... this after you've "browsed" the documentation (like the user's guide) a bit so you've a vague idea of what is where and about some of the fundamentals of how it works.
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