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Help restoring a partition

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    I recently installed ubuntu netbook remix on my newly bought netbook to try it out. I created a new partition on my HDD from the free disk space to install ubuntu on. So right now I have dual boot ubuntu and windows xp. The ubuntu netbook remix turned out to be more buggy than I thought and I'm trying to delete the partition and restore the freespace back to windows xp. Is this possible? I don't have a recovery disk for xp since my netbook doesn't have an optical drive. Does anyone have any possible solutions? Anything would be helpful right now.
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    If you would post the bug in Ubuntu...maybe we can fix it.

    Alternatively you can try the desktop version.

    You can safely delete the partition and format it in fat32/ntfs (notice, this will delete all data in the partition).

    Use gparted for this (in ubuntu commandline with the net connected) -

    sudo apt-get install gparted
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