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Help running MikTex in Windows XP

  1. Dec 7, 2004 #1
    I have installed the program but cannot seem to execute any of the applications (like texify). Some websites list the following method for running MikTex in XP:

    "First, I prepare my computer as instructed by http://www.math.auc.dk/~dethlef/Tips/preparation.html [Broken]. I changed all the "user variables" to my favorite directories (say, E:\) except for the variable "DICTDIR". I keep "c:\usr\local\lib" because the installation procedure of ISPELL suggests that we cannot change this. This is a very important step. We need to sychronize the user variables and what we do in the installation steps. Don't worry. If we have done differently in the installation step, we can always come back to change the user variables. Secondly, I download all the first seven files listed in http://www.math.auc.dk/~dethlef/Tips/download.html [Broken]. Thirdly, I install Emacs, AucTeX, Ispell, Ghostscript, Ghostview and MikTeX. I checked at every steps according to the suggestion at http://www.math.auc.dk/~dethlef/Tips/install.html [Broken]. Everything worked when I am done with the installation. The only exception is that I do not see color of different LaTeX commands. For this, I follow the instruction at http://www.eece.unm.edu/pipermail/eece537/2001-November/000034.html [Broken] to modify my .emacs file. Then everything worked great."

    For those of you who have done it in XP, is it necessary?

    Thank you,

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    All I did was add the MikTeX binaries folder to my path (Control Panel/System/Advanced/Environment Variables). Open up a command window, run [la]tex mydoc.tex and it goes.

    All the other stuff you mentioned is helper stuff. Emacs/AucTeX for editing your tex files, ghostscript/ghostview for creating/viewing Postscript files, ispell for spell checking. if you want to use them, install them. otherwise it's not necessary.
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    Perfect. Thanks.
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