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Help S.V.P?

  1. Jul 28, 2004 #1
    Bonjour my friends:

    To state my problem in short: My computer shuts down suddenly

    Explaination: I have this problem occuring several times a year ago. I thought it was some sort of virus or worm that causes which I couldn't find this thing. I formatted my computer and guess what it didn't happen again. But with months passing and with no effective protection program, my computer was invaded by nasty trojans and spywares and I couldn't solve this problem with regular anti spyware programs. The problem of shutting down suddenly resurfaced again. I formatted the harddrive and everything works fine but my compture still and with no warning shuts down. This problem is happening more frequently now and I found no reason for that.

    Could this be a hardware problem? Or is it some software problem?

    I appreciate those who will help out.

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    Did you patch your system? Are you running a firewall? It may simply be the sasser worm crashing your computer remotely.
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    Thanks Mentor
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