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    Hey all,

    I'm looking for some help in selecting courses for the spring. I'm a sophomore physics major, hoping to pursue a PhD after graduation. Although I'm not sure what subfield I'll want to be in, odds are it'll be something theoretical. So far I've taken Intro Physics I and II, Calc I-III, and Advanced Classical Mechanics. I've self-studied and picked up differential equations and linear algebra enough to be effective in my courses. For the spring, I'm definitely taking Quantum Mechanics I and proof-based Linear Algebra. I'm wondering what other math I should consider taking. My options include are Intro to Analysis, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, and Algebraic Topology. What would you guys recommend? I know this is a somewhat subjective question, but I'm just looking for some opinions.

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    I would definitely suggest both differential equations and complex analysis. At my university if one is pursuing Mathematical Physics they are obligated to take such courses, among numerous others.
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    Definitely take the ODE and PDE courses. You will benifit so much from these courses!!
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    Thanks for the advice, guys. Micromass, do you see anything wrong with taking ODEs and PDEs at the same time, considering I already have some knowledge of ODEs?
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    It depends from the specific course. Sometimes you can take it the same time, sometimes not. I would ask the instructor of the PDE course what he thinks.
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