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[Help] Some questions

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    Hi PF Community,

    I'm new to this forum and would like to ask a couple of questions before exploring the forum if you don't mind:

    1) How well can I trust the information in this forum regarding scientific researches? Do the moderators keep an eye for false/unproven theories and delete them on spot? Is the information in the forum valid enough for me to quote in a scientific argument outside this forum?

    2) Which part of the forum can I find information of science and technology related to Earth's resources and sustainability? For example, I'm not interested in things like Quantum Physics...

    3) Since the 'rules' stated that copyrighted materials are not to be posted in the forum, does this mean I can quote any part of the forum outside the forum, for example in my blog?

    4) Can you recommend me some of the trusted websites which have applicable science and latest technology news which are relevant to environment?

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    We're not a peer reviewed journal, however we are in all likelihood the most reliable source of scientific discussion of this format on the 'net. Because:
    Yes to the first, though the second is a little dependent on what contexe you are referring to. Though we have quite a sizeable staff and put a lot of effort into moderation, we can't be everywhere at once and aren't perfect. Remember: the forum has thousands of members and we don't ask for/check resume's for our members (doing so would go against our primary purpose: education). So whether you can cite us depends on the quality you need and forum you are looking to use us in.
    That is a broad subject, so you'll have to be more specific. For example:

    -If you're interested in solar power, try the Electrical Engineering forum.
    -If you're interested in clean energy, try the Nuclear Engineering forum.
    -If you're interested in general energy policy, try the general engineering forum.
    -If you're interested in sustainable agriculture, try the biology forum.
    -If you're interested in Earth's resources themselves, try the Earth Sciences forum.
    I'm actually not sure about this one.... just recognize that you're probably not going to get a whole lot of traction using non-published sources.
    Probably, but again, the request is extremely broad.
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    We try to weed out as much nonsense as possible, but there is never any guarantee that everything you read is 100% valid. The best rule of thumb is to look for posts by someone that has a Science Advisor medal, and if you have questions, you can ask to be referred to mainstream research on the subject.

    This is, after all, a Physics forum. We do not have any experts in earth's resources and sustainability, so I would suggest that you look elsewhere for research on these subjects by experts in those fields.

    I would be careful doing so, you have no idea if the information is accurate.

    No, we have no such list as we do not promote or monitor other websites.
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    Thank you Russ for the prompt reply. So a PF MENTOR is like a 'mod' in this forum? I'll be sure to check out the sections you have recommended.
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    A super hero mod. Like if Wonder Women or Batman were awesome at science :D
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    Batman is awesome in science.
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    So if we're super heroes, then you and chroot must be gods. Or at least the equivalent of Stan Lee. :biggrin:
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    In Batman I'd be Alfred :D
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    Then you must be a suicidal God to make such a comment!:grumpy::devil:
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