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HELP Technical Phone Interview Coming Up

  1. Jan 12, 2013 #1
    I have a phone interview coming up and from the tidbits selected from the job description what should I focus on brushing up on.

     BS in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Physics, Applied Physics, or Mechanical
    Engineering. Minimum 5 years of experience required. A MS or higher degree in above
    disciplines is preferred, and minimum of 3 years of relevant experience required.

     Minimum 3 years of experience in engineering, integration, operation, test, and/or technical support of large complex systems required.

     Experiences with non-linear control system design and implementation is preferred.

     Knowledge and experiences in optics, laser-induced plasma, optical metrology, and/or controls of such devices preferred.

     Experiences with vacuum system a plus.

     Experiences in semiconductor equipment development a strong plus

    For the optics I'm thinking I should focus on the quantum aspects of light not the physics stuff. I have no idea about vacuum systems. And what non-linear control questions can even be asked over the phone?

    What do you guys think
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