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Help the World Become a Better Place While You Sleep

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    ***Help the World Become a Better Place While You Sleep***

    http://boinc.berkeley.edu/" [Broken]

    I found something that can allow us to all help with physics, curing disease, and all kinds of scientific research with thousands of other people, to make a difference. BOINC just uses whatever processing power your computer isn't using to do calculations for the said project. With your computer and the help of the thousands of computers all around the world computing together - the results add up. Help cure a disease, find a pulsar, and numerous other projects as your options (I chose to contribute to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and the search for Pulsars project to donate my processing power to).

    You simply download the application, install it, and choose which projects you want to donate your computers processing power to. I like to be part of something, and I hope you'll be part of this entity we're building together. Thanks.
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