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Help- - Time sensitive -PDF Editor

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    Help- -- Time sensitive --PDF Editor

    Does anyone know where I can get a free, trial, or demo PDF editor. I have tried Dling some online, they either don't work or leave a mark in the background for unregistered software.
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    I don't know what you need to do but I know of a way to edit most PDF's but it depends on the content of the PDF. If its just text you need to edit you can just download staroffice. Copy and paste your text into the staroffice word processor and then you can just export it as a PDF file.

    Good luck
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    If your using linux there are a few options for editing pdf files.

    1) Scribus (http://www.scribus.org.uk/)
    2) KWord
    2) Command-line tools (pdftops -> text editor -> ps2pdf)
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    Hi All,

    The free OpenOffice http://www.openoffice.org/ contains a text editor that is able to register your files in PDF format.
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    Openoffice can export pdf but can't edit one.
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    I know but if the pdf you want to edit is all text based then you can copy and paste....
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    PDF editor

    For editing PDFs, I thought you might consider PDF Edit Tools which is a powerful utility to rotate pages, add blank pages, delete pages, crop pages, extract pages, merge pdf files and pages, add headers and footers to pages, extract images from pdf files and add images to pdf files.

    You can try it for 3o days

    Downloadsite:http://www.qweas.com/download/business/word_processing/pdf_edit_tools.htm" [Broken]

    Wish help you!

    o:) o:) o:)
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    "Searching projects gives 654 results"
    BAM! i bet you can find what your looking for over here: http://sourceforge.net/search/?type_of_search=soft&words=PDF [Broken]

    but then again, i recall PDF being closed source so it may be difficult to edit a
    closed PDF document not intended to be edited
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    The PDF file format is not closed source. There are many legal open source programs that create PDFs.

    However a PDF file can be encrypted so can't extract text from it, and/or you can't print it. If that's your problem, you are probably stuck.
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    Dr Transport

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    dduardo!!! How have you been buddy?????
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    i will do my best to help you because the one who know it is not around once he will be around i will tell you
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    Re: Help- -- Time sensitive --PDF Editor

    What do you think about www.PDFfiller.com? It`s a nice web based pdf editor.Easy fast and doesn`t required any additional software installation. Will be happy to hear what you think about it.
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    Re: Help- -- Time sensitive --PDF Editor

    If you can open it, you can print it and copy text from it. True, most applications choose to respect these security features and not let you print or copy if those features have been turned off (unless you have the password), but program can certainly ignore those.

    In contrast, encrypted files where you can't read the file at all without a password, must be cracked to open. Depending on the encryption type and the tools your cracker uses (rainbow tables speed things up a lot: it's a time/space tradeoff) it could take from a few hours to, uh, roughly forever to crack.
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